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“Sheer stupidity is the most under-rated art and yet at times the most useful. For it can aggravate the most serene and rational minds” – Saurabh Rustagi

It’s my blog, and I did quote myself – simply because I can :D! I wanted to post about quite a number of things on my mind today but chose this topic simply because it allowed me to use my own quote :P.

America – it’s no longer a nation people look up to, it’s no longer a destination dream for millions, IT IS NO LONGER THE SUPERPOWER of the world. I’m quite disappointed really that I never witnessed this nation in its glory. I had read, heard and seen a lot about it on the television and in the movies – and it was the place to be. Remember watching Home Alone as a kid? Who did not want to live in that beautiful house with all your family during the holiday season with snow blanketing the street in a postcard perfect image. The people who we would see in the movies – so brave, so educated, so opinionated and vocal about their beliefs. They were role models for millions who had never experienced a right to freedom. Whether that be the freedom of speech so you can freely voice your opinion or fight for your right if you’ve been discriminated against. The dream of being able to live a comfortable well-rounded family life in a clean, healthy environment – where there is no overpopulation, no lack of water or electricity, no poverty or abuse. Oh wait – not everything we see through hollywood is true!

I admit that as a child I had not considered for a second that there would be homeless people in America, there would be areas that are not picture perfect and prone to crime, there would be families that can’t afford to feed themselves or educate their young. I did not picture the real America – but from everything that was told by travellers, recent emigrants from back home – it was the place for opportunity, to safely raise a healthy family and to be able to take care of them and spend time with them. But what has changed? Is America really running out of opportunities? That was not a rhetoric question by the way!

America is still the land of opportunities, people in the tech sector for example, “The Silicon Valley bound” are still getting paid a fortune for their skill set. Who are these people? They are immigrants ofcourse. Are they stealing American jobs? No, if you have ever applied for an American work visa, you would clearly know that an immigrant only gets a visa when their hiring company can prove to the American government that no resident of the aforementioned state can do the required job. It wouldn’t make sense for the hiring company to hire someone from abroad and arrange their visa, travel, etc. if they could hire someone 2 miles away, would it? I guess such a common idea is being overlooked by a lot of native residents of the once great nation.

As I hear and witness more accounts of discrimination against immigrants, I can’t do much but fear for the American people. People who have been seeking jobs by staying away from their families, well educated doctors, lawyers and engineers who are working low-paying, round-the-clock jobs that are considered well below their social status and fighting twice as hard for a rightful wage due to cultural and language differences are already undergoing a lot of stress. In addition, being discriminated against and their flaws pointed out to them can be quite alienating. What a few Americans have failed to realize is that these people are just like them, if not more dedicated and hardworking. They love the American culture – a lot of them probably did not have the same opportunity back home, or maybe they married someone from a different culture and would not be accepted back home, or maybe back home was not a safe place to raise a family. They came to America to build a new home, not change yours. They are adopting your ways because they look up to the freedom and equality you have enjoyed. They want to BE Americans, not destroy their new home.

Again, let me clarify because words have a reputation of being misinterpreted. When I say I fear for American people – I mean I fear for who they are becoming. The mentality of the American people is changing drastically. Everyone is being barred into stereotypical brackets and the youth of America are more uneducated and politically unaware than the millions below the poverty line in India and China. The Easterners have no option of reading the news or googling what’s happening around the globe. They don’t have public libraries or guidance counselors or animal tv or discovery channel or an easily available educational facility. They want to learn and seek any opportunity to progress further. But the American youth? Why isn’t anyone worried about their future? Why isn’t America investing in its youth instead of thinking of ways to stop immigrants from succeeding?

You must be wondering what my quote was about? My quote is about the war that America has been fighting. Due to the sensitive nature of the topic, I will not debate whether America should have gone to war with Afghanistan and Iraq, but should they not have considered the financial and social implications of them going to war? Billions are spent for keeping their army away from home and in foreign soil, millions of lives are being lost on both sides and America is going broke. They do not have a proper healthcare for Americans, they do not have a proper educational system for Americans, most Americans cannot afford to attend post-secondary institutions due to their financial obligations – why isn’t America thinking about their real issues even now? I do not read much when it comes to American politics but I do agree with a lot of statements Mr. Ron Paul had made during the few youtube interviews I had seen him in.

I urge Americans to end this movie in a Hollywood scene. Yes, I’m a sucker for happy endings, especially in this case because a sad end could also be quite horrific considering America is a war nation. I think no one would disagree that America needs to focus its efforts and resources into educating Americans and providing them with a better life and more opportunities instead of destroying areas that have already been under dispute for quite a while. Like Come on!

“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mohandas Gandhi