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“A smile is the universal welcome.” – Max Eastman

Dear Readers,
I’m quite excited about sharing these thoughts floating in my head with all of you. I’ve been told that a smile is the most contagious of all. I hope that after reading my views on various topics such as religion, politics, economics, humor, and my societal and emotional conduct – you will realize that all rational human beings share the same need for a better world and a universal urge to help those in need. I am an avid reader and animal lover, I hope to travel to the most beautiful places on earth and reshape others that have been stripped of their glory. I am looking to improve myself in all aspect of my life and feel grateful for all those who have been kind enough to lend their support or their motivational words. I hope you all enjoy reading these pages just as much as I will have enjoyed writing them.
With love,
Saurabh Rustagi